OGS Florida Website Directions
Please do not share your login name or password. Use of this webpage is for paid Florida Chapter OGS members only. If you experience difficulty logging in, please contact the Webmaster or the Treasurer.
If you change your e-mail address, please notify the Treasurer or the Webmaster.
Logging In
  Click on Members and these two boxes (on the left) appear. Use all lower case letters.
  Your Login Name is: First Initial      Last Name            example:  jsmith
  Your Password is:       First Initial      Your Zip Code    Last Initial   example:  j98765s
  When you are finished on the website, click Logoff.
Under this menu item, you may:
  • view your member profile
  • find a list of Chapter members
  • read current and past issues of The Quest
You also may change your user name and password. If you see incorrect information in your profile, please e-mail the Treasurer by clicking Contact and choosing her name.
Surname Research
By choosing this menu item, you can view the list of surnames posted by our membership. You may scroll through the list of surnames or search for a name by typing it into the search box and clicking the Magnifying Glass icon. To clear the search box, click the Broom icon.
Once you find a surname of interest, click the Eye icon to open a new window containing the surname information. You also may print the information from this same window. 
If you wish to contact the person posting this surname, click the Envelope (e-mail) icon to open the Surname Inquiry Emailer window. A non-member also may search our website and send you a message. At no time is your e-mail address revealed to anyone contacting you through this surname exchange. You will receive the message at the address you have on file with OGSFL. It will be up to you to reveal your contact information.
Adding Surnames
Log in to the website
  • Click on Members
  • Click on Profile
  • Click on Surnames
  • Click on the Plus Sign to add new surnames
The Surname Research box will open. Fill in your information and Save. The database only accepts a year date.
If you wish to amend or delete a surname you have added, locate that entry by searching or scrolling.
  • Use the Trash Can to delete it.
  • Use the Pencil to amend it.